Say and tell

Say and tell have similar meanings, but they are used in different ways. Tell is used only to instruct or inform, and when the receiver of the information is included as an object of the verb. Tell means “to give information to a person”, is always followed by a person. (Dar información a una persona”, siempre es seguido por …

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Like and As

Like and As

LIKE = (como si fuera) parecido a pero no igual.   Hablamos aquí de like en su uso de preposición. (Like como verbo es otra cosa). – parecerse a She looks like her mother. = Ella se parece a su madre. Ben speaks English like a native. = Ben habla inglés como un nativo. – ejemplos de algo. He can speak several …

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Remember and remind

to remember : someone or something (acordarse). Remember : Do you remember my name? Sorry, I don´t remember your name. Remember + to-infinitive : Remember to call her when you get home. Remember + verb-ing : I remember meeting her once.     to remind: a person or thing reminds you of someone or something (recordar algo a alguien, me recuerda a) …

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In English do and make have different uses and confusing them can be a serious fault.   The fixed expressions. Do: a favour a job a service an exercise an operation business with somebody crosswords damage justice military service something for a living the dishes the ironing the cooking the shopping the washing your homework …

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